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Bereavement support newsletters

Community bereavement support is so important. Our monthly bereavment support newsletter helps to keep you in touch.
You are not alone!

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Every month Bennetts Funeral Directors release a bereavement support newsletter, informing people of our activities and future plans in and around the community. To stay up to date, check back every month where will keep you informed of all upcoming events.

If you are new to this page, why not catch up and read all the past bereavement support newsletters – you are bound to find interesting and helpful tit bits within their pages!

Information on our memorial services,  dates for your calendar such as our yearly Christmas lunch, or afternoon tea at the Merry Mead Tea Rooms. Interesting written pieces from our local supporters relating to community events and how others in the the community are working together.

Additionally, you will find helpful advice, for example – how to avoid scam telephone calls

Discover recommendations for nice places to visit and days out, such as the marshes and reserve at Rainham or coach tours that are being organised to locations such as the Whitstable Oyster Festival.

Above all, you will discover messages of hope, and the reminder that you are not alone!

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