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Choosing a non-religious funeral

A non-religious funeral can also be called a celebration of life.
What happens at a non-religious funeral?

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Planning a non-religious funeral

The demand for non-religious funerals in Essex has risen, but often people feel unsure about what happens at a non-religious funeral and how to go about arranging one.

Why choose a non-religious funeral?

Everyone is different, and for many a funeral with little or no religious content is preferable. If the deceased had no religious inclination, then it may seem more appropriate to hold this type of funeral for them. Or perhaps they have stipulated in their Will that they would like a non-religious funeral.

What happens at a non-religious funeral?

A non-religious funeral, sometimes called a humanist funeral can be held at a crematorium or cemetery chapel, a woodland burial site, or even your own home. This type of funeral celebrates the life of the individual, and whilst acknowledging the sad loss of the deceased, usually requires involvement from family and friends.

It may include readings from a novel or a poem, listening to a favourite piece of music, or just a period of quiet reflection for private prayer/thoughts. It allows an opportunity for those wishing to speak about the deceased and share memories, to do so. You may wish to include a religious element such as a hymn or a prayer but that is entirely discretionary…

Contact us to arrange a non-religious funeral

If you are unsure about how to arrange a non-religious funeral, or memorial service then speak to Bennetts Funeral Directors. We understand that each service should be as unique as the individual themselves. We can offer many alternative funeral ideas and will support you throughout to plan a funeral that reflects the life of your loved one in a dignified and special way.

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