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Who to notify after a death

Having to deal with the affairs of the deceased can be complicated and upsetting. Sorting out these issues is an essential task that we can help guide you through.

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When someone dies

When someone dies, the first steps you need to take will depend on how and where they died. See our useful guide to find out more.

What to do when someone dies

Choosing a funeral director

The death of a loved one is one of the most upsetting experiences we have to go through. So, when choosing a good funeral director, what should you be looking out for?

Choosing a Funeral Director

How to register a death

Before you can begin to plan a funeral for your loved one you will need to register the death at the Registrar’s Office. It’s important that this is carried out within 5 days of receiving the medical certificate. Here we will explain how to register a death in Essex.

Guide to registering a death

Probate & the will

When someone dies, you may be given the task of sorting out their property, money and other possessions, to be able to carry out this job you will need to apply for Probate. Before you begin this process you need to find out if there’s a Will as soon as you can, it may contain important instructions such as the deceased’s funeral wishes. The Will also names the executor and any beneficiaries.

Probate and Will Guide

Help with funeral costs

Bereavement is, without doubt, a devastating experience that can increase financial strain. If you’re in a position where you can’t afford to pay for a funeral, there are options available and you may be eligible for a Funeral Expenses Payment from the Social Fund.

Help with Funeral Expenses

Useful contacts


Essex Registrar
Tel: 0345 603 7632
Find your nearest registration office when registering a death

Essex Coroners Office

Chelmsford: 0333 013 5000
Essex & Thurrock: 01245 506837
Southend: 01245 506806

See Other Useful Contacts

Funeral price options

We are pleased to offer a number of price options, which include Unattended Cremation, Simple Cremation, and the Traditional Funeral package.

See Our Price Options

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Who to notify after death can not always seem very obvious. If you are worried about who to tell when someone has died, this simple checklist will act as a handy guide to help you through the process. Why not print it out and tick things off as you go? You will also find many useful contact numbers of organisations offering support and help HERE.

Who to notify after a death checklist

It’s a good idea to have as much of the following information close to hand about the person who has died. This will simplify the task of completing any forms or documents and giving information verbally over the phone.

  • National Insurance number
  • National Health Medical number
  • NHS number
  • Date and place of birth
  • Date of marriage or civil partnership (if appropriate)
  • Child Benefit number if applicable
  • Tax reference number

Who to do in the first five days

  • Advise Family doctor
  • Register the death
  • Find the Will.  (The deceased’s solicitor may hold this)
  • Begin funeral arrangements. (Check the Will for funeral wishes)
  • If the deceased was in receipt of benefits or tax credits, contact the Bereavement Service
  • Blue badge holders – the badge must be returned to the Blue Badge Unit
  • If the person who has died was the first named on an insurance policy, make contact as early as possible to check that you are still insured

Who may need to know when someone has died

  • Relatives and friends
  • Employer
  • Solicitor
  • Accountant
  • Doctor/Dentist/other health professionals
  • Church
  • Social Groups

As well as informing people who are close to the person, in many cases, you’ll need to close down accounts, or cancel/change insurance details, subscriptions, agreements, payments, or direct debits.

Reporting a death to Government Organisations

  • HMRC Tax Office
  • National Insurance Contributions Office if they were self-employed (to cancel payments)
  • Child Benefit Office (at latest within eight weeks)
  • UK Identity and Passport Service
  • DVLA to return any driving license, cancel car tax, or return car registration documents/change ownership

Essex County Council operates a ‘Tell Us Once” initiative, a free service which allows family to pass on the information to Essex County Council just once – and they will tell government and council services on your behalf.

Financial Organisations

  • Insurance companies for home, car, travel, or medical
  • Pension providers
  • Life insurance companies
  • Banks and building societies
  • Mortgage provider
  • Hire purchase or loan companies
  • Credit card providers and store cards
  • Utility companies/TV internet companies/Mobile phone

If there is a Will

Contact the Executor(s) if this isn’t you. The Executor(s) has/have been nominated in the Will to sort out the deceased’s affairs. They can then start the process of applying for Probate

If there is no Will

  • Decide who will apply to sort out the deceased’s affairs
  • Contact the Probate Registry to apply for ‘letters of administration

Knowing what to do after a death can be confusing. If you need further help with the affairs of the deceased and who to notify when someone dies, the staff at Bennetts Funeral Directors can offer you friendly advice and guide you through the process.

Call 01277 210104 or 01277 627492 we are here to help.