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Simple funerals and direct cremations

Simple funerals are becoming increasingly popular.
Why do people choose this type of funeral?

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Simple and low cost funerals

For those wishing to arrange a simple, dignified funeral service, Bennetts Funeral Directors offer a complete, simple funerals cremation service at a lower cost with no compromise on the quality of service delivered.  However, the cost is not always the reason why this type of funeral is chosen.  It may be that the person who has died wanted to opt for a simpler send-off.

Unattended cremation services

A dignified cremation service carried out by our professional staff. Our Unattended Cremation Service (sometimes known as direct cremation) excludes the traditional funeral features that would normally involve a service or procession and hearse. Our assurance is given that your loved one will still retain all respect and will remain within our care at our Brentwood funeral home until the day of the service.

Simple funerals

A lower-cost funeral option that includes the essential funeral elements that families expect necessary for a respectful and dignified funeral. The Simple Cremation Service includes all essential administration and necessary staff at the funeral.

Help with funeral costs

If you think you may have trouble meeting the costs of the funeral, you may be eligible for a non-repayable grant, please discuss this with us at the time of arranging a funeral, Bennetts Funerals can offer you helpful advice.

Funeral Directors arranging low cost and simple funerals in Essex

Bennetts Funeral Directors of Essex have over 130 years of experience in arranging all types of funeral service at varying costs. All aspects of our Simple Funeral Service, offering low-cost cremation are taken care of by our dedicated team of undertakers.

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