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Free bereavement support services from your local funeral director

We offer local support groups and courses for the bereaved. They will guide and help you through your healing process.
You are not alone!

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Dealing with loss and bereavement can be a very difficult and confusing time for any individual or family. Losing someone we love is probably one of the hardest experiences many people will go through. We want you to know that you do not have to face this time alone. After the funeral, Bennetts Funeral Directors will continue to supporting you every step of the way. We are proud to offer a range of support resources to help you through your grief journey.

Our Bereavement services make a real and lasting difference to everyone they support.

We provide bereavement groups and courses. Some of which are designed by renowned grief counselling expert Dr. Bill Webster. They offer valuable help, friendship and guidance. Additionally, they will support you whilst you come to terms with the changes and challenges of bereavement.

It’s good to talk

Talking about death with people you care about is not easy, however, being open and honest often makes it less frightening and, it gives everyone the opportunity to plan ahead, and do what’s right for them.

bereavement support

Bereavement support services

Bereavement is the natural and painful process of grieving that follows the loss of a loved one. Without a doubt, it’s the hardest of times. However, talking about it with others and sharing what’s on your mind will always help.

Local Bereavement Groups

bereavement support courses

Bereavement courses

We are pleased to offer award-winning, free bereavement seminars, and courses. Bennetts work in partnership with the renowned grief counsellor and author Dr. Bill Webster.   These courses are of tremendous benefit to all those who participate.

Support Courses and Seminars

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Grief Journey

The Grief Journey Portal provides articles, videos, and links designed by Dr. Bill Webster.   It offers understanding and practical strategies specifically for those who are grieving. These are designed to help you find your way, before, during, and after a loss.

The Grief Journey Portal

Grief Chat

Created by bereavement experts.

We believe professional bereavement support should be free and accessible to all in need. That’s why we’ve partnered with Grief Chat. This gives you the opportunity to speak with a professional bereavement counsellor through live instant chat. It’s free of charge, Monday – Friday 09:00 – 21:00. The chat Box will pop up automatically on this page within those opening hours. It will invite you to have a conversation, should you need to speak to someone.


Click on the Grief Chat box on the bottom right corner of this website.

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Useful contacts

There are many organisations that provide valuable support services for bereavement, including both practical and emotional support to people who have been affected by the loss of a loved one.

Support Service Contacts for Bereavement

Do you need help and support at a difficult time? Please don’t hesitate to call our Funeral Directors on 01277 210104
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