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Choosing a religious funeral

Religious funerals are still a popular choice for many. Why do people choose a traditional religious funeral?

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Planning a religious funeral

When planning a religious funeral, you will find that nearly every religion has traditional customs around death and the structure that religion provides can be of great comfort to grieving survivors.

Why choose a religious funeral?

Many people choose a religious funeral as it is a traditional way of showing respect for the deceased and can include the ceremonies and customs which for some faiths are a necessity. At Bennetts Funeral Directors we can arrange services for any faith or religion, respecting all aspects of customs required.

What happens at a religious funeral?

A religious funeral is a traditional service usually held in a church, at a cemetery, or crematorium and led by a minister. It includes hymns, prayers, a sermon, and a reading. You may wish to personalise the service by selecting the music or reading a eulogy of your loved one’s life. The service ends with a burial in a cemetery or the committal of your loved one in a crematorium.

Multi-faith funeral directors

The UK population as a whole encompasses a population from a wide range of religions and faiths. With an informed understanding of traditional cultural backgrounds and beliefs, Bennett’s Funeral Director staff are experienced with all religious funeral services and culturally sensitive memorial services.


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