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Simple attended cremation or burial

A lower-cost funeral option that includes the essential funeral elements that families deem necessary for a respectful and dignified funeral. Our simple funeral services attend to all essential administration and necessary staff at the funeral.

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Direct cremation

A caring and dignified cremation service carried out by our professional staff. A direct cremation excludes the traditional funeral features that would normally involve a service or procession and hearse. Celebrate your loved one's life in your own way.

£1,475 + disbursements

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Direct burial

While a traditional funeral is perfect for some, it won’t be right for everyone. Our direct burial service, also known as unattended burial offers a simple fuss-free farewell that allows families to celebrate their loved one’s life in their own way.

£1,645 + disbursements 

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Traditional cremation or burial

Our traditional cremation or burial package allows you to plan a service for your loved one, ensuring that it will be as individual as they were. The traditional funeral covers a full range of essential features.

£3,135 + disbursements 

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Fully personalised funeral

Our fully personalised funeral option allows you to plan a funeral service for your loved one, ensuring that their funeral will be as individual as they were. This option covers a full range of essential funeral features.

Price dependant on requirements  + disbursements

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Simple attended cremation or burial package

£2,530 + disbursements

Included in a simple attended cremation or burial

  • Our professional services, attending to all essential administration and liaising with the family and required authorities.
  • Collecting the deceased person in working hours within a fifteen-mile radius of our office.
  • Care of the deceased for up to ten working days before the funeral at our Brentwood funeral home.
  • A suitable coffin of our choice.
  • Chapel of rest facility, during office hours, a simple shroud is supplied.
  • A Mercedes or Land Rover hearse to transport the coffin to the crematorium or local cemetery of our choice, at the time of our choice.
  • Taking care of floral tributes if they have been ordered, alternatively, we can loan an artificial tribute
  • Collecting the ashes from the crematorium and storing them for up to six months.
  • Setting up of online donations only, no other donation administration is included.
  • Attendance of all necessary staff including a conductor and four bearers.
  • Ongoing support through our bereavement support groups.

Not included in a simple funeral attended cremation or burial 

Embalming or dressing of deceased, this can be supplied at an additional cost.

Additional fees for collecting the deceased out of office hours or outside of the fifteen mile radius applies

No limousines are supplied with the simple funeral, if transport is needed from a local address a limousine can be supplied at additional cost,

Disbursements – Crematorium fees, doctors’ fees for cremation certificates, and minister or celebrant’s fees are not included.


A 50% deposit is required in advance of the service.

For a detailed explanation of the services and fees included or for an individual quotation call us on 01277 210104 and 01277 627492.

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