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Woodland Burials in Essex

Woodland burials in Essex take place in beautiful natural burial grounds.

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Bennetts provided an exceptional service. Bridget was extremely kind, thoughtful, and supportive. She helped us organise a special tribute and introduced us to Mike, who led the service. Thank you.”
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Planning woodland burials or green funerals

Many people are choosing a woodland funeral. They are seen as an environmentally friendly alternative funeral that’s kinder to our planet.

Why choose a natural burial ground?

A return to nature, woodland, and green funerals take place at a natural burial ground. A woodland burial is also known as a green funeral or eco funeral. People who have planned woodland burials are often concerned about the environmental impact a cremation or traditional burial may have. This type of funeral can also be cost-effective, depending on the choices made at the time of planning.

What happens at a woodland or green funeral?

The beautiful woodland funeral and natural burial grounds that we recommend are similar to natural parks and woodland However, sites can differ and we can advise you on this.  Metal caskets are not permitted and the preference is for natural, biodegradable burial containers.  Willow coffins, simple wooden caskets, linen shrouds, or environmentally friendly coffins such as the LifeArt range can be used. Memorials such as trees can be planted as opposed to using grave markers and headstones. This makes the whole process a much more natural form of burial. The natural burial grounds we recommend offer the opportunity for you to arrange a very special funeral service.

Woodland burials and green funerals in the Essex area

Bennetts Funeral Directors offer a free funeral advisory service for the different types of funeral service which can be held at our Essex woodland and natural burial grounds. If you need a friendly voice to help you through a difficult time and guide you through this process of arranging a woodland burial in Essex then make Bennett’s your first call. We are here to help.

Call us on 01277 210104 and 01277 627492, We are here to help.