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How to plan your funeral for FREE with the Funeral Planning Wish List

Ensure your funeral wishes are carried out.

Have you ever thought about how you would like your funeral to be? The Funeral Planning Wish List is free and will allow you to plan your funeral, your way.

The Funeral Planning Wish List is a detailed plan of what you would like to happen before, during and after your funeral. You retain a copy as do Bennetts Funeral Directors securely and confidentially until such times as it is needed by your loved ones.

Want to plan your funeral ?

We make it easy. Document your funeral wishes to reflect exactly what you would like to happen before, during, and after your funeral. The document created will ensure your funeral wishes are adhered to.*

*The Funeral Planning Wish List does not protect you from any future funeral charges.

By taking the initiative and following a few simple steps, you can set out what you want now and get on with your life, knowing that when the time comes your family and friends will know your wishes and be spared from having to make difficult decisions.

  • Where will your funeral be held?
  • Is there a specific hymn you would like sung or piece of music you would like played?
  • Perhaps you would even like the hearse to take a chosen route.

It’s free and it’s easy – plan your funeral today.

Here’s how

The Funeral Planning “Wish List” can be completed online or simply downloaded. It is then filed away with your Will and/or important papers until it is needed. It can be updated at any time if your ideas or beliefs change.

  1. Submit to us online for us to hold securely and confidentially until such time as it is needed.
  2. Print a PDF copy off to complete yourself and put with your own records or for family/friends to hold.
  3. Print a PDF copy to complete yourself and send it to Bennetts Funeral Directors and we will securely hold a copy for you until it is needed.
  4. Alternatively, call our office and we will assist you through the process.
  5. Your document can also be updated and amended if your wishes, ideas, or beliefs change. The List is a detailed plan of what you would like to happen before, during, and after your funeral.

Complete by hand and post.

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    Complete online and submit.

      Read our privacy policy

      Important Note

      Bennett’s Free Funeral Planning Wish List is not a Will, legal document, or a pre-paid funeral plan. It’s a fully amendable and detailed plan recording your funeral wishes. If you would like advice on funeral planning and pre-paid funerals, Bennetts provides a pre-paid funeral planning service. We are able to visit you at home and can talk you through the many affordable options which are available.