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Pre-paid funeral plans from your trusted funeral director.

Help protect your loved ones from the worry and expense of your funeral with a funeral plan from Bennetts Funeral Directors.

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Find the right pre-paid funeral plan.

Bennetts Funeral Directors offer 4 different set pre-paid funeral plans, Direct Cremation, Simple, Traditional, and the Select plan.

What is a pre-paid funeral plan?

A pre-planned funeral plan allows you to plan and pay for your funeral with us in advance. We can discuss as few or as many of your wishes as you like, specifying everything down to the last detail.

And, no matter how much the costs of our funeral director’s services change over time, neither you nor your family will be asked for a penny more than what has been agreed, sparing you the worry of unforeseen expenses.

Pre-paid funeral plans allow you to plan ahead:

  • Have peace of mind that you’ve arranged and paid for your funeral in advance.
  • Beat rising funeral costs by paying for your funeral director’s services at today’s prices
  • Plan it your way to make sure your final wishes are met, meaning less stress for your friends and family.

Bennetts pre-paid funeral plans

Direct Cremation

A simple unattended cremation without a ceremony or mourners, which includes all the essential parts of a funeral service.


or from just £17.42 per month*

The Simple Funeral Plan

Covering more than the essentials for a simple, yet dignified funeral service, which allows for some flexibility.


or from just £17.95 or £29.56 per month*

Traditional Plan

The Traditional Plan includes a family limousine and allows flexibility around the time and place of the funeral.



or from just £35.42 per month*

The Select Plan

The Select Plan is tailor-made to suit your requirements, allowing you to create a unique goodbye.


Price dependent upon choices

Why choose ‘Open’ as your funeral plan provider ?

All of our pre-paid funeral plans are supplied through our partners, Open Prepaid Funerals, one of the UK’s leading Funeral Plan providers. They are tailored to suit your wishes and can be paid for in a number of different ways.

Stay close to home

Local, independent funeral directors like Bennetts Funeral Directors are always ready to extend a comforting arm when needed. With a wealth of local knowledge and long-term reliable suppliers, you and your family will be very well cared for.

Personal service

Bennetts Funeral Directors is a family-run business that holds a trusted place in our local community. When the time comes, one phone call to Bennetts Funeral Directors will ensure everything is taken care of and carried out according to your wishes. Your family will receive genuinely personal service when it matters most.

Funeral Planning Authority Registered Provider

Set up by the funeral industry, the FPA aims to ensure customers receive the funeral they have paid for when it is needed. As a registered provider with the FPA, the companies we work with are committed to protecting customers’ payments and guarantee to cover the funeral director’s services included in your plan.

Your payments are protected

When you take out a Funeral Plan rest assured your payments are protected. The trust-funded companies we use ensure that your money is safely managed by an independent board of trustees and investment managers. They also offer the best combination available of highest financial growth and lowest administrative costs. The disbursements or fees we payout on your behalf cannot be guaranteed as these are beyond our control, however, an allowance is made towards these costs and included in the plan should you wish to do so.

Protect your loved ones and plan ahead today

A prepaid funeral plan will appeal to anyone keen to get their financial affairs in order early.  All your wishes are planned out and paid for in advance. It locks in our services at today’s prices ensuring your family is not left with financial worries during a difficult time.


Last year, 63% of people made financial provisions for their funeral before they passed away*


But only 64% of these people made enough provisions to cover the cost of the whole funeral*


69% of people had to pay for some or all of their loved ones funeral themselves*

* Sunlife ( 2020 ), Cost of Dying Report.

More than 1.3 million people in the UK have already bought a funeral plan. Is it time you considered yours?

Why is it important to start thinking about my funeral and the cost of it?

A funeral is one of those things that will certainly have to be paid for at some point. If you choose not to plan ahead, your family may need to make financial arrangements very quickly when the time comes, as well as deal with the emotional strain of coming to terms with losing their loved one. By taking care of the costs in advance with a funeral plan, you can save them that worry, while reassuring yourself that your funeral has been taken care of.

I have enough money in savings, why do i need a funeral plan?

The price you pay today for a funeral plan from Bennetts Funerals will cover the cost of your funeral no matter how much funeral costs rise in the future. Other methods, such as savings and investments don’t. Secondly, even if you are leaving behind sufficient money, will your survivors be able to access it?

How can I pay for my funeral plan?

You can pay by cheque or bank transfer.

You can pay over a number of months, interest-free for 12 months. A deposit of £195 will be taken with your first payment.

A charge is made for installment payments between 12 and 120 months which is equivalent to an APR of 4.9% however all of these additional charges are applied to the value of your plan and are not a way for us to make a profit.

How can I be sure my money is safe until it's needed to pay for my funeral?

Your payment is made into the ‘Open’ Prepaid Funerals Trust Fund where it is managed by a board of trustees and investment managers. The trust fund is a separate entity and independent from Open Prepaid Funerals Limited. The trust fund is invested in a wide range of options to target long-term growth which means we can guarantee the funeral director services included in your plan.

How will the plan help my loved ones?

When the time comes, your loved ones will be supported at every stage. Your family will only have to make one phone call to Bennetts to put the plan into motion. Bennetts will then see to all the arrangements, using the instructions set out in the plan as a guide, leaving your family free to focus on their own personal tributes.

What if I die before I have paid for my plan in full?

The plan will continue as you have requested, and your estate or relatives will pay the difference between the plan value and the cost of the funeral.

Can I personalise my plan?

Our plans are designed to be as personal to you as you wish; choose one of the standard prepaid funeral plans and personalise that with your own preferences including readings, songs, hymns, flowers, donations to charity, and more. We can also help you to create a completely unique plan. Just get in touch with us for more details.