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Funeral cortege

A funeral procession is also called a funeral cortege. It is a slow, solemn and respectful convoy of vehicles. The cortege conveys the deceased and mourners from the funeral ceremony to the crematorium or graveside.

The Funeral Cortege

Dressing the deceased

It has become popular to dress the deceased in attire that reflects a personal passion. This might be a hobby, occasion or achievement.  Examples are wedding dresses, football strips, military uniforms, or motorbike leathers. You are also welcome to bring in your loved one’s make-up, perfume, or aftershave.

Guide to Dressing the Deceased

Carrying the coffin

A pallbearer is traditionally one of the people who help to carry someone’s coffin from the hearse to the funeral venue. If they are being buried, this would include the grave. People chosen to do this, or who would like to, are usually close family members and friends.

Guide to carrying the coffin

Alternative funeral Ideas

 It’s often the little things that can make a loved one’s final goodbye or celebration more personal. Allow us to inspire you with some wonderful, unique, and alternative funeral ideas.

Guide to alternative funerals

How to write a eulogy

Writing and delivering a eulogy is a deeply emotional experience. It can be a positive experience for some, it must be remembered that it can be too difficult for others.

Guide to delivering a eulogy

The funeral reception

The funeral reception, or wake, held after the funeral service can be a traditional or unique affair.  Personalised funerals become more popular. Therefore, people are choosing to use this time to celebrate the life of their loved one rather than mourn their passing.

Guide to organising a funeral reception

Newspaper notices

The newspaper notice or obituary is an important opportunity to publicly announce the death and funeral details. It can also be used to detail where any donations or floral tributes and funeral flowers can be sent.

Guide to writing an obituary

After the funeral

After the funeral, you are not alone. Bennetts Funeral Directors will continue to support you. We offer all our bereaved families practical information and a vast network of bereavement support services.

Guide to bereavement support

Bereavement support

Dealing with loss and bereavement can be a very difficult and confusing time for any individual or family and losing someone we love is probably one of the hardest experiences many of us will ever go through. Our local bereavement support groups, courses, and seminars will guide and support you through your healing process. You are not alone!

Bereavement Support Services

Online Tribute Garden
Bennetts Funerals offer a free service to create a loving and lasting online memorial tribute. Create an online tribute in memory of a lost loved one.  It is a special way to remember and celebrate their life.

Memorial Tribute Garden

Memorial Masonry
We combine traditional memorial engraving skills with modern technology. Our memorial masonry is crafted from the finest materials. It can be personalised in many ways, creating an everlasting monument to a life well-lived.


Always  remember that you are not alone. Bennetts Funeral Directors will continue to support you. We offer all our bereaved families practical information and a vast network of bereavement support services.

We can give you ideas on how to celebrate the life of your loved one.  Our online tribute garden gives great comfort to many of our bereaved families.  The selection of beautiful memorial masonry  we stock, provides an ever lasting tribute. We can also talk to you about how to set up a tribute fund.

It’s good to talk, so talk to Bennetts Funeral Directors

Would you like to talk things through with a member of our staff? We can offer further information on how to set up a much loved tribute page.  Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.  We are always here to discuss your needs.
Call 01277 210104 and 01277 627492, We will always be here to help.