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Choosing a burial

What happens at a burial funeral? And should you choose a burial for your loved one?

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Choosing a burial

For thousands of years, burial has been a traditional means of caring for the physical remains of a loved one. When choosing a burial service, the funeral arrangements that you make are very important.

What happens at a burial?

Burials are typically held in a churchyard, cemetery, or perhaps a woodland burial site. One of the principal reasons for choosing a burial is that it provides mourners with a physical location where they can visit and grieve.

If the funeral is religious, the burial can be preceded by a church service. As the service ends you can follow behind the coffin to the graveside. Words of committal are said as the coffin bearers gently lower the coffin into the grave and the funeral director will symbolically scatter some earth onto the coffin. You may wish to scatter some earth yourself or throw a flower or rose petals into the grave. The bearer party will place floral tributes near the grave for you to see and you will be able to converse with and gain support from the other mourners.

What is the cost of a burial?

You will find that burial funeral prices will vary according to personal choices made when arranging a funeral. Please ask us for more detailed information

Costs will be reduced if a burial plot has already been purchased.  We can contact the local authority on your behalf if you are unsure on this point. ( If a plot has not been purchased, it is worth noting that many parochial churchyards and some council cemeteries are full).

Funeral Directors arranging burials in Essex

If you need further information on how to arrange a burial then speak to the staff at Bennett’s Funeral Directors.

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