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Direct cremation

A dignified cremation service carried out by our professional staff. Our Direct Cremation (sometimes known as unattended cremation) excludes the traditional funeral features that would normally involve a service or procession and hearse. Our assurance is given that your loved one will still retain all respect, and will remain within our care at our Brentwood funeral home until the day of the service. 

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Direct burial

While a traditional funeral is perfect for some, it won’t be right for everyone. Our direct burial service, also known as unattended burial offers a simple fuss-free farewell that allows families to celebrate their loved one’s life in their own way.

£1,645 + disbursements 

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Simple cremation or burial

A lower cost funeral option that includes the essential funeral elements that families deem necessary for a respectful and dignified funeral. Our service attends to all essential admin and necessary staff at the funeral.

£2,530 + disbursements

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Traditional cremation or burial

Our traditional cremation or burial package allows you to plan a service for your loved one, ensuring that it will be as individual as they were. The traditional funeral covers a full range of essential features.

£3,135 + disbursements 

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Fully personalised funeral

Our fully personalised funeral option allows you to plan a funeral service for your loved one, ensuring that their funeral will be as individual as they were. This option covers a full range of essential funeral features.

Price dependant on requirements  + disbursements

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Direct cremation

£1,475  including disbursements

While a traditional funeral is perfect for some, it won’t be right for everyone. A pure and simple farewell, our direct cremation service, also known as unattended cremation, allows families to celebrate their loved one’s life in their own way.

Included in our direct, unattended cremation service

    • Our professional services, attending to all essential administration.
    • Collecting the deceased within a twelve-mile radius of our Billericay or Brentwood funeral home. This will be within 3 days of essential paperwork being completed in the death occurs in hospital. We will advise when the deceased is in our care.
    • Use of artificial floral tribute.
    • Care of the deceased for up to twelve working days before the funeral at our Brentwood or Billericay Funeral Home.
    • A suitable coffin of our choice, usually LifeArt Coffins are used. Environmental (Please add size supplement)
    • An appropriate vehicle to transport the coffin to the local crematorium of our choice, at the time of our choice.
    • Setting up of online donations, no other donation administration is included.
    • Necessary staff.
    • Return of ashes to our funeral home for collection by family.


  • Doctors fee for cremation certificate £82.00
  • Cremation fee


  • The family cannot attend the crematorium, there is no service or music.
  • Full payment in advance of the service is required.


Private Reflection Time

Whilst Bennetts are aware that there are various reasons to choose an unattended direct cremation, sometimes family may still need some private reflection time. Therefore, we offer the option for up to twelve people to attend our specially prepared chapel of rest. We will supply up to twelve simple printed sheets with a choice of background, to include a picture of their loved one, a poem, and some additional closing words. Additionally, we provide a system on which to play music or family can bring their own. The closed and sealed coffin can be decorated with a simple artificial floral arrangement, loaned from us. This reflection time will need to be booked in advance, generally, it will be between 4 pm and 5 pm. Monday to Fridays, not including bank holidays.

The booking of a minister or celebrant will be additionally charged.


  • Private reflection time charge £250.

For a detailed explanation of the services and fees included or for an individual quotation call us on 01277 210104 and 01277 627492

Direct Cremation Questions and Answers

Why do people choose direct cremation?

Cost can be a factor, but it might be that something simple feels more meaningful. A direct cremation can also be a good option for someone who was not religious.

What happens in a direct cremation?

It’s a cremation with no funeral service or ceremony beforehand. After death, the deceased goes straight to the crematorium to be cremated, usually in a very simple, plain coffin. After the cremation, the ashes are returned to the loved ones, to be kept or scattered according to the wishes of the deceased.

How does a direct cremation differ from a traditional cremation?

Direct cremation simply separates the farewell ceremony from the practical aspects of the cremation. The standard of care and cremation should be just as high as that provided for a traditional service.

Can you visit the deceased before a direct cremation?

Many funeral directors do not provide visitation of the deceased. Bennetts, however, provides the opportunity for up to 12 family members to attend our specially prepared chapel of rest.

How much is a direct cremation?

One of the main benefits of a direct cremation is the cost, as it’s around 60% cheaper than a traditional funeral. It is considered to be the cheapest funeral option and ashes can still be returned to the family afterwards if this is their wish.

Can you hold a memorial service after a direct cremation?

Yes. Many people choose to hold a memorial ceremony or celebration of life, at some point after a direct cremation, when family and friends can gather together.
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