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Choosing cremation funeral

The cost of a cremation can make this a popular choice for many people. What happens at a cremation service?

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Planning a cremation

Cremation may be chosen for its environmentally-friendly appeal or perhaps there is no family burial plot. If the deceased has not already specified where they would like their ashes placed, then there is valuable time for the family to make this decision.

What happens at a cremation?

A cremation may precede or follow a service held in a church or other venue separate from the crematorium, or in the crematorium chapel itself. The service can be unique or contain all the elements of a traditional funeral. You may prefer to choose a simple cremation.

Family members may wish to walk behind the coffin into the chapel. The funeral service typically contains music, talks about the deceased, maybe poems and prayers and at the appropriate point during the service, the committal takes place. The coffin will either be concealed by a curtain closing or remain on view until the end of the service. As the service ends the funeral director will show you out of the chapel to view floral tributes and to meet other relatives and friends, before travelling onto your chosen venue for refreshments if this is appropriate.

How much does cremation cost?

It is important to ensure that the arrangements you make are a personal reflection of a life lived, and Bennetts Funeral Directors are happy to assist families to reach this point. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer a number of price options, which include Unattended Cremation, the Simple Cremation, and the Traditional Funeral Package, all of which offer a wide range of funeral choices for every aspect of the funeral arrangements at affordable prices.

How to arrange a cremation in Essex

If you need further information on how to arrange a cremation, please speak to us at Bennetts Funeral Directors. We can offer expert advice with regard to all aspects of planning a cremation including detailed information on cremation costs.

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