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What to expect on your first meeting with your local funeral home in Essex.

It all begins with your local Essex funeral home. Every burial involves more than 1,000 decisions that have to be made by the organiser during the worst five days of their life. The first time you help organise a funeral you will no doubt find it baffling, terrifying, weird, overwhelming, devastating and incredibly important –… Read More »

The history of the Horse Drawn Hearse for a Funeral Service in Chelmsford

Funeral services in Chelmsford The horse-drawn hearse dates all the way back to the 17th century. Although the vehicle was originally used for transportation, it eventually evolved into becoming an icon for funerals. The glass sided hearse was particularly popular as people were always anxious to view the coffin and no Victorian funeral would have… Read More »

Environmentally friendly funeral services in Essex

These days, being environmentally conscious is something that is becoming evermore important in all aspects of our society. From encouraging green lifestyle choices such as composting and recycling, to using biodegradable cleaning products, taking care of Mother Earth is something we all should be considerate of. Essex funeral services are going green This is very… Read More »

Bennetts Funeral Director’s provide bereavement support in Essex

A Funeral Directors in Essex, offering bereavement support to both their local and the wider community. 10 years ago Bennett’s Funeral Directors began a bereavement support programme which over the years has become very well supported by many bereaved local people who in turn support others. The bereavement support parents group formed in 2011 and… Read More »

The History of Bennetts Funerals Directors

We have been your Local Family Funeral Director in Essex for 125 years and spanning 3 Generations. An Essex Funeral Director with offices situated in Brentwood and Billericay, Bennett’s Funeral Directors are well known throughout the county for providing an extensive range of funeral services to families across the region. Over 125 years ago, this… Read More »

Alternative Funeral Hearses Available at your Local Funeral Directors

Our Funeral Directors & Undertakers are able to work directly with the family as well as the Veteran Bereavement Support service, providing all aspects of a ceremonial funeral. This comes at no extra cost to the family, they receive a dignified and coordinated service, utilising our years of experience of working with the regimental organisations… Read More »

Your local undertaker for alternative funerals in Essex

Let our local undertaker and funeral directors in Essex help you to create a unique, alternative funeral reflecting the life of your loved one There are many ways to say goodbye to loved ones when the time finally comes. However, unless the person who has died has left specific instructions as to how they would… Read More »

Essex Business Awards Finalists 2017 Bennetts Funeral Directors in Essex!

Through to the next round – will Bennett’s your local undertakers in Essex be taking home another Essex Business Excellence award? Bennett’s your local funeral director and undertakers in Essex are counting down the days to find out whether they have been successful for a second time in winning a prestigious Essex Business Excellence Award!!!… Read More »

Help with Grief and Bereavement Support for the Essex Community and Pre Paid Funeral Plan offer.

Our Bereavement support groups in Essex are open to anyone in the community, not just families we have looked after. ‘New Era’ Bereavement Support Group Essex ‘New Era’ Bereavement Support Group is our self-help support group by Bennetts Funeral Directors Ongar. It’s celebrating it’s ten year anniversary this year. It meets every second Wednesday of… Read More »

‘New Era’ Bereavement Support Group Newsletter September 2017

Bereavement support group in Essex, news and updates for Autumn 2017 Hello Everyone We hope you had a good summer. The Holley family spent two weeks in Turkey and once again volunteered at the Dog Shelter in Dalyan. This time, you will be pleased to know, we left empty handed although it took some convincing… Read More »