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Financial challenges impact on mental health as the cost of living crisis deepens.  However, there is practical advice, and help available.

It’s shocking to think that we’re living at a time where the cost of living has increased more in 2022 than it has in the past 40 years. That’s a huge amount.

As a community, we have all seen how over the past year, fuel and energy prices have soared, on top of increased rents and mortage rate rises and spiralling food prices.

These financial challenges are shown to be having a serious impact on stress levels amongst families, as some are forced into working longer hours to pay the bills, or having to make serious choices between buying food or heating the house.

The impact the cost of living crisis is having on the nation should not be overlooked

The below infographic, designed by Keith Prance at Rehab Recovery, illustrates the impact the cost of living crisis is having on the nation’s mental health:

There is help available

Bennetts Funeral Directors understand that 2022 has been a challenging time for many, and with winter just around the corner, people are fearful of what’s to come. We understand that the financial burden of paying for a loved ones’ funeral can be incredibly stressful. Our recent article on Funeral Poverty hightlights this increasing problem, and the help available. 

For those concerned about the rising cost of living, there is practical and free advice available from the services listed below, as well as your local council.

Citizens Advice 
The Mental Health and Money Advice Service

Bennetts Funeral Directors want you to know that you do not have to face this time alone. We recognise the importance of talking.  If you feel like you would like to reach out, then call us on  01277 210104

We are here to help.

Cost of living crisis