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pre-paid funeral plans in essex

Fix Essex funeral costs at todays prices saving both money and financial worry with a pre-paid funeral plan

With the cost of living continually rising, the expense of paying for a funeral is no exception to this rule, causing real financial concern for many families after the death of a loved one.  However, you are able to avoid increasing funeral costs when you take out a pre paid funeral plan.  Funeral plans allow you to fix funeral costs at today’s prices – leave your loved ones with happy memories – not a huge bill.

Pre-paid funeral plans in Essex

• Potect your family from the worry of funeral costs

• A pre-paid funeral plan is a simple, practical way to beat rising funeral prices

• You can choose from a selection of affordable pre paid funeral plans

• Cover the cost of your Essex funeral director’s services at today’s prices

• A choice of ost effective payment options so you can spread funeral planning costs

Choose Bennetts, your trusted Essex funeral plan provider

We offer affordable pre paid funeral plans from Golden Charter, that allow you to be in control of creating a funeral that is unique to you.  A pre-paid funeral plan enables you to plan your day exactly as you wish it and pay for the funeral at todays set prices, instead of years from now, when inevitably funeral costs will have risen. 

Funeral planning allows you to fix Essex funeral costs at todays prices saving both money and financial worry, why not contact us on 02177 210104 for your free quote and find out just how affordable funeral plans can be.