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Scatter tubes for cremation ashes, innovative and colourful

We have a wide range of Scatter Tubes in lots of wonderful designs. Practical, affordable, and ideal for scattering cremation ashes in a dignified ceremony.

Scatter tubes are a great alternative to urns when transporting cremation ashes. Made to ensure the ease of scattering ashes, they provide an easy way for family and close friends to scatter the ashes of a loved one after a cremation ceremony at a place of their choosing. Made from recycled materials, they are eco-friendly and can be both buried, to become one with the earth or placed on water.

Made from heavy cardboard, with an infinite range of creative wrappings available, our cremation tubes offer a practical and low-cost, contemporary alternative to cremation urns.  The perforated cap allows for controlled dispersal and it can be personalised with your own design.

Scatter Tubes

100% Biodegradable, tubes can be used to scatter ashes on land or water and are the best urn to use if you are travelling abroad by plane as they can be scanned and carried easily onboard.  All of our range comes with full instructions and are easy to seal and use. If you have any questions regarding our beautiful range of colourful tubes, please feel free to contact Bennetts Funeral Directors at any time.

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