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FREE Funeral Wish List

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Your FREE Funeral Planning Wish List

A unique and secure funeral planning wish list from Bennetts Funeral Directors

Traditionally people are very reluctant to think about their own funeral. This is understandable as none of us like to consider our own mortality. However, the result of this is that when the inevitable does happen, family and friends are often left guessing and not sure what to do. At a time when they may be dealing with grief as well as the legal issues surrounding the bereavement, relatives are also trying to devise funeral arrangements which they hope are what you would have wanted, decisions can be made in a rush and sometimes regretted later. Funeral wishes, whether in a Will or as described below, are not legally binding after death. It is therefore sensible to identify who will give instructions for your funeral, so you feel confident that your wishes will be followed. It is helpful for your partner, family and friends to follow your wishes after death, it is part of the grieving process for them. There is no right or wrong way to hold a funeral, what is important is that those concerned leave feeling that they have said their farewells and given thanks in a way that was meaningful to you.

In order to make this process easier, we at Bennetts Funeral Directors have devised a funeral ‘Wish List’, it is available to anyone and absolutley FREE. The suggestion is that where possible the list is completed in consultation with your family at a time when you are fit and healthy and then filed away with your Will or somewhere known to the person nominated to arrange your funeral, until it is needed at which point it can be used by your family or simply handed to your chosen funeral director. It can also be updated and amended if your wishes, ideas or beliefs change. The Wish List is a detailed plan of what you would like to happen before, during and after your funeral.

Here are just some of the benefits of having a Free Wish List

  • Compliment your Will with additional information you may wish to be considered.
  • Easy to access and amend if you ever change your mind.
  • Plan for situations and events you may not have considered or known about.
  • Offers added peace of mind for yourself, family and friends.
  • This unique and secure service is completely Free of charge

Once the Wish List has been completed you can do one of three things:

  1. Submit your free Funeral Planning Wish List to Bennetts Funeral Directors online for us to retain securely and confidentially until such time as the Wish List is needed.
  2. Print a copy/copies for you and your family to retain until such time as it is needed.
  3. In addition to the above, if you choose to complete a handwritten form please send a copy to Bennetts Funeral Directors for us to retain securely and confidentially until such times as the Wish List is needed.

Alternatively we can provide a free funeral planning service where you can make an appointment to visit our offices, or our consultant will come to your home and can inform you how to plan your funeral. This can be done at any time, hopefully many years before the plan will be needed. Planning a funeral in advance can relieve your loved ones of an unnecessary burden. We will help you to complete your Wish List and talk through the many options available to you in detail. We will also provide full details and contact information for any organisations that might be appropriate. We will then prepare a pack for you to keep which can be used to store relevant family documents.

Bennetts Essex funeral Planning services are here to show you how to arrange a funeral in the most cost effective manner. We can supply all your funeral needs from hearses to flowers.

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