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bereavement seminar for professionals

Join our free bereavement seminar for professionals with the renowned Dr. Bill Webster.

On 18th May, at St Peter’s Church in Hutton we have a seminar for professionals looking back at the last two years during Covid, and the knock on effect still affecting many parts of the community.

Sharing experiences of those in supporting roles.

The Covid pandemic has taken a heavy toll on our society, not only with those who have lost loved ones, but also among front-line workers in many areas of service who have paid a huge price for their commitment to caring for people in care facilities, hospitals and many other capacities.  If you can relate to this, then you will know that the cost both emotionally and physically has been enormous.

How can we move forward? 

Following a 45 minute talk by Dr. Bill Webster there will be a panel discussion on what we have been through, and how we can find the rescources to renew our commitment to our vocations.

bereavement seminar for professionals

Bennetts Funeral Directors offering support in the community

We cannot emphasise enough how good Dr. Bill Webster is and would encourage anyone who would like to understand more about these issues, or is struggling to come to terms with the death of a loved one, to come along.

An interview with Bridget Holley of Bennetts Funerals

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