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Children’s coffins and baby’s themed coffins and caskets

Losing a child is a heartbreaking time, we do everything we can to soften the experience for every bereaved family.
See our range of Children’s Coffins.

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There are certainly no words to describe the hardship one faces when losing a child.  Our children’s coffins make it possible to commemorate a life un-lived, or that has been cut tragically short. 

The heart-warming child themes which serve as a gentle reminder of the innocent and carefree spirit that children have can greatly help bereaved families by reminding them of the happy memories the child left behind. 

We offer a simple range of cribs and coffins which are free of charge. However, should you wish to choose a crib or coffin outside of this range we can offer a selection which is shown here, for which charges will apply. The team at Bennetts Funeral Directors understands that arranging a funeral for an infant is a task that no parent wants to undertake, so please allow us to assist you all we can.

The experienced team at Bennett’s are here to help you and you can contact us at any time if you need help, guidance, or would just like to talk.

Our pressed flower and loving bear coffins are free of charge

Pressed Flower, Babies Casket

Infant Coffin

Pressed Flower, Babies Casket

Loving Bear

This range of coffins are available from Colorful coffins.

Please note these coffins are chargeable.

Moon Baby


Little Princess


Tributes Children’s Coffins and Baby’s Cribs

Please note these coffins are chargeable.

Child and baby Willow and Bamboo coffins are available in a natural finish or can be sprayed in soft white, pastel pink or powder blue.

Bamboo Teardrop

Willow Teardrop

Powder Blue Willow Teardrop

The hearts are available to buy separately.

Pastel Pink Willow Teardrop

White Willow Child

The hearts are available to buy separately.

Somerset Willow Cribs and Coffins

Please note these coffins are chargeable.

The tiny Somerset Willow baby Crib features a gently raised lid with carefully plaited edging and a set of small braided loops with wooden toggles. They are made with sensitivity in their workshops in Somerset using natural willow and using completely natural processes. Each crib is carefully lined with natural cotton, featuring a softly pleated frill and a small round pillow. It is then finished with natural wadding to provide comfort. Choose from two natural colour finishes, natural white or buff willow. Alternatively, choose from two hand-painted finishes, baby pink or baby blue

Somerset Willow Baby Cribs

Somerset Willow Children’s coffins

The Children’s coffins are similar to the Somerset Willow adult coffins just smaller and can be woven with different colour bands or made in different colours. To see the full range available please go to the Somerset Willow website.

Child’s Traditional Rainbow Willow Coffin

Childs Curved Rainbow Willow Coffin

Child’s Traditional Painted Willow Coffin

Child’s Traditional Buff Willow Coffin

Child Funeral Charity

Somerset Willow are proud supporters of the Child Funeral Charity, working closely with families in need.