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Bennett’s Funeral Directors – Creating Unique Funerals in Hornchurch

Unique Funerals in Hornchurch start with Bennett’s, your affordable, Local Funeral Director with over 125 years of expertise.

It would seem these days that we have many more choices about what we would like to happen at our funeral and to our remains after death than we did perhaps, 50 years ago.

The choices that you may already be quite familiar with are:

  • Burial
  • Cremation
  • Green Funeral
  • Celebration of life or Secular Service
  • Traditional Religious Funerals in Hornchurch

But how about giving some of these new and interesting funeral ideas some thought…

Interactive Headstones

Traditional graveyards are being transformed through technology with interactive headstones providing a revolutionary way for people to remember loved ones. Quick Response (QR) codes on gravestones can be scanned by smartphones to open up online biographies of the deceased. The related webpage can show profiles of the person, pictures, videos and tributes from family and friends. QR barcodes allow visitors to learn all about the person buried, rather than being limited to a name, age and date of birth and death.

Memorial Reefs

Death in many ways brings us all closer to nature and the circle of life in which we all exist. The new trend of memorial reefs is based off of that principle: that we are all connected to the Earth and there are now companies that provide a burial option catering to those who feel deeply connected to marine life. This burial option entails the purchase of an artificial receptacle for the deceased’s cremated remains, which is then taken out to sea and installed on the ocean’s floor. The memorial structure is then left to become part of the sea’s habitat, becoming home to the flora and fauna of the ocean.

Scatter Your Ashes in Space

You are now able to send your loved ones’ remains to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, where they will be released into the high-altitude winds of the stratosphere. Experiments using non-human ash showed that that particles released from canisters can make their way into the upper atmosphere, and even escape Earth’s gravitational pull, to float in the vacuum of space.

Themed Funerals in Hornchurch and Unusual Funeral Hearses

Funerals are meant to signify the life of the person who has passed away. This includes discussions about that individual’s personality and interests. One funeral trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the organisation of a funeral service or memorial around a theme that represents something that the deceased loved to do or enjoyed. This could mean anything from the choice of funeral transport, our Land Rover Funeral Hearse is becoming very popular! To something more elaborate, such as building the funeral around the deceased’s favourite film.

Webcasting Hornchurch Funerals

When someone passes away, the funeral and memorial services are very important aspects of the grieving process. They bring a sense of closure through communal grieving that is difficult to find elsewhere. It is unfortunate when someone passes away, and one is unable to make it to the funeral because of geographical distance. As such, it is becoming increasingly popular to webcast funeral services. In this way, those who are unable to travel to the location of the funeral are still able to participate in the service from a distance.

Unique Funerals in Hornchurch

Now, whilst some of the above mentioned ideas may not have reached Hornchurch just yet, Bennett’s the family run Funeral Directors for Hornchurch are able to arrange all types of funeral and are capable of carrying out all your families wishes to the letter.

Whether it is a ‘green’ woodland burial, a sea burial, or a cremation with a humanist service and an alternative funeral hearse, it really is up to you. What ever your wishes, Bennett’s, the Funeral Directors for Hornchurch will be there to offer advice and guidance throughout, helping to create unique funerals in Hornchurch for your loved one.

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