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Types of memorial stone masonry materials

There are many different types of stones used for memorials and they are all natural products. They may possibly contain a natural blemish or slightly unusual colour, but their imperfections will not detract from their durability.

Local cemeteries restrict us to certain sized headstones. The overall dimensions for a lawn memorial are 2’6″ high, 1’9″ wide, and 3″ thick. The lawn memorial, (the most common memorial) comprises of a headstone and base. Full kerb sets to cover the total grave area are seldom allowed, but please ask to check up on this if you believe they are allowed for a particular plot. Different sizes are used in different areas and churchyards, we can advise on this for you.

Granite is the hardest of all materials used for memorials. It has remained virtually untouched by the elements for many years and can be worked by masons to a variety of finishes and textures, and can be etched to provide ornamentation. Granite is frequently seen in cemeteries as a polished stone, but is only allowed in churchyards in its more natural unpolished form. This is known as a honed finish.

Granite Colours Memorial Gravestone and Headstones

Black The most frequently used of all granites.

Dark Grey A mottled even grain stone.

Karin Grey A close flecked medium grey stone, used frequently in churchyards.

Light Grey A close flecked, pale grey stone.

Balmoral Red A mottled red and brown granite.

Blue Pearl A beautiful arctic stone, dark blue/grey with silver flecks.

Emerald Pearl A dark stone with tinges of green uneven flecks.

Pearl White A white granite with uneven grey flecks.

Multicoloured and other unusual colour can be obtained although there may be some delays. No two are identical due to unique markings.

Soft Stone Memorial Gravestone and Headstone Material

The following memorials all carve particularly well, but they are more susceptible to the elements than the granites, they are all suitable for cemeteries and, with the exception of marble, are acceptable in churchyards. We stock some of these stones – others will require ordering.

Marble White in colour with blue/grey veining. Marble has been used since ancient times for memorials. Qarried in Carrara in North West Italy, it carves beautifully. Sculptors have created works of art from this fine material.

Nabresina A creamy colour stone, slightly mottled with occasional orange markings.

Yorkstone A traditional beige memorial, used in churchyards for centuries.

Portland A creamy colour beige memorial, often used in building work.

Slate This can be a little brittle and needs oiling.

Limestone Similar colour to slate, grey/green in colour.

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