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Planning and arranging eco funerals, green and woodland burials in Essex

Choosing the type of funeral with Bennetts Funeral Directors Essex, for green funerals, woodland burials, eco funerals & memorial services in a natural woodland cemetery.

The essence of a green funeral is age-old simplicity, with woodland funerals, and woodland burial grounds in natural settings, offering beautiful, tranquil resting places.  The planting of a natural memorial at green burial sites, such as a tree and the placing of a simple wooden or bronze plaque instead of a traditional headstone, represents a natural burial and return to nature.

A green funeral
Some of the more important elements of a green funeral are these:

  • opting for burial in a site serving a conservation purpose
  • creates an environment which is not visually definable as a burial ground
  • requires a coffin or shroud made from natural, sustainable materials,e.g. wicker or cardboard coffin
  • no marking or personalising of the grave with any sort of permanent memorial, although memorial plaques and small stones can sometimes be allowed
  • does not always require tending of the grave

Bennetts funeral directors and undertaker services of Essex, will assist with everything from woodland funerals, green burials and eco memorial services, to the provision of both traditional wooden and alternative coffins such as wicker and cardboard coffins from sustainable sources. We can also assist with natural memorials such as the planting, donation or sponsorship of a tree, and memorial plaques.

For help and advice on any woodland burial and green funeral issues please call Bennetts Undertakers on 01277 210104

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