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Memorial Gravestones and Marble and Granite Headstones.

Bennetts Undertaker Services and Funeral Directors Essex team of Stone Masons create beautiful granite and marble headstones and memorial gravestones.

The History Of Memorial Gravestones.

As a long lasting tribute, for many people the provision of a memorial gravestone, is a visible link between their departed loved ones and themselves. From primitive markers and slabs to cover graves to ornate and decorative works of art, the gravestone has come a long way over the centuries. Today, granite gravestones and marble headstones serve as memorial markers for our beloved deceased; as status symbols for those wealthy enough to afford very large or decorative ones; and as ritual symbols in a variety of religions.

Early Gravestones And Headstones.

Some of the oldest known stone grave markers date back to between 3,000 and 4,000 B.C. These markers, known as dolmens or chamber tombs, are a type of megalithic monument, roughly hewn stones used to mark boundaries or in religious or funerary capacities. Unlike modern marble gravestones or granite headstones, the dolmen is not a single stone to mark the grave. It is a whole burial chamber itself, made up of one large stone supported on atop two or more upright stones to form the tomb.

The Birth Of The Memorial Headstone.

The earliest gravestones, like the dolmen, were literally graves made of stone or stones intended to cover whole graves. These coverings served to mark a grave as well as to keep the grave’s occupants in the ground. Over time, though, the words gravestone and headstone came to be interchangeable. The Victorian era brought about a new outlook on gravestones, and people began spending large sums on decorative and elaborate markers. These days we do not usually cover whole graves with a traditional stone, but the marble and granite gravestones that the stone masons use at Bennetts Funeral Directors and Undertakers Services in Essex, do come in an interesting variety of styles.

Creating A Unique Granite Headstone or Marble Gravestone Memorial.

At Bennetts Funeral Directors and Undertaker Services in Brentwood, Essex our highly experienced team of skilled stone masons can create unique and beautiful marble headstones and granite gravestones as suitable memorials for cemeteries and churchyards. The memorial gravestone you choose can be tailored to your individual requirements in terms of size, colour, design and ornamentation. Personal ornamentation and designs can be included to make your choice of granite gravestone or marble headstone truly unique, whether it is a particular sport, pastime or hobby, or perhaps some special achievement, we can create a memorial design for you that will encompass all those thoughts and memories

Bennetts Funeral Directors and Undertaker Services have offices in both Brentwood and Billericay Essex. For more information on our Memorial Stonemasons for Gravestones Service please contact us on 01277 210104/210654

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