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If there is a Will, please treat this document as expanding on the wishes expressed in that Will, with the Will taking legal precedent if relevant.

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If you have a Will, and this person is not the executor, then any executor must agree to the arrangements in this document.

Do you wish to donate your body to medical science?
If YES, this must be arranged in advance. Bennetts Funeral Directors will be able to advise on this.

Have you completed a 'Living Will'?
This document directs your doctors over recovery from serious illness. If you answer YES, a copy should have been logged with your GP, and you should state the location of the Will when asked at the end of this directive.

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Do you have a pre-paid Funeral Plan?

If YES, a nominated funeral director must direct the funeral, enter their name here

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Funeral Plans vary in what they include. Please ensure that the plan covers the costs of what you include in this directive.

What type of coffin or casket do you require? Examples can be found on the Bennetts Funeral Directors website (Tick as appropriate)
VeneeredSolid TimberOtherGreenColourful

Name of coffin

Veneered coffins from funeral directors are generally used for cremation and made of veneered MDF with plastic handles, plate for inscription and lining.

Solid timber coffins and caskets are available from funeral directors.

Green coffins made of cardboard, wool, timber, wicker, sea grass and bamboo are available. Check for availability and prices before you decide.

Other types - if you require an unusual, or artist painted coffin, details of the supplier, design and size must be discussed. You can make your own coffin if you prefer.

Bennetts Funereal Directors can offer advice on coffins, green funerals and many other related subjects.

Would you prefer your coffin to be transported in
A Motor HearseHorse Drawn HearseMotor Bike Hearse

Other (Please describe below)

Would you like following limousines for the immediate family?
Traditional funerals have at least one limousine, additional vehicles can be ordered, charges will apply.

Would you prefer
Bearers provided by a funeral directorFamily bearers to assist
Please note - For family bearers four are needed, to 16 stone in weight, and six above that. Although male bearers are traditional, there is no reason why women cannot perform this final act. For bearers provided by a funeral director an additional charge may apply.

Flowers - Leave floral choice to mourners

Family flowers only and donations

Please state your preferred charity

Would you prefer flowers only?

Would you prefer no flowers?

Death Notices - Would you like a death notice in any publication national or local newspapers?

If YES which publication(s)

Special Request - Do you have any special requests?

If YES please describe

This might include a letter or photo to be placed in the coffin, special route for the hearse to take, jewellery to remain with you, preferred clothing to be dressed in, etc.

Any additional notes

Funeral Service

The actual Funeral can take different formats, either you can choose a place for the service, usually a church, followed by the committal at the crematorium or cemetery, or the whole service can take place at the crematorium or cemetery. Some people prefer the committal service to take place in church prior to leaving for the crematorium or cemetery. Occasionally a simple and private funeral service and committal can take place and then be followed by a memorial service or a thanksgiving. We recommend you discuss these options with your family and your parish minister

Funeral Service to take place at (Church/Crematorium/Cemetery)

Committal to take place at (Crematorium/Cemetery)

Other arrangements (Burial at Sea/Garden etc)

If you have any other unique plans please inform us.

Would you like a committal to take place
At the ChurchAt the CrematoriumAt the Cemetery

Alternatively there could be a small private service and committal followed by the service of Thanksgiving/Memorial Service, would you prefer this?

Is it important that the service should be conventional?

What religion/spiritual belief/philosophy will the service be based upon?

Do you have a minister, humanist officiate or person in mind to take the service?

If YES please give the name

This can be a friend or relative, if they agree. If you answered NO, it is assumed you will leave the choice to the person arranging the funeral.

Permission being granted for a service and/or burial in a church is subject to various factors. Please discuss these with the minister or your preferred church. Bennetts Funeral Directors are aware of some of these factors and should be able to assist you and give you contact details of the ministers in your area.

What format would you like the service to follow?

Most religious services follow a set format, although ministers vary over how much variation, pop music, poetry, etc. they will allow. Recorded music will depend on the discretion of the minister. Secular (non-religious) services are entirely your prerogative. If you have any preferred wishes, enter them below.

Music entering

Music leaving


Any music during service

Any text, Bible readings or poems

Please ensure that the music is available and known to whoever is making the arrangements. If you are using the organ, ensure that your requests can be played.

Any other details

This might include not closing the committal curtains at the crematorium, using flowers to decorate the chapel, items placed in the coffin (no glass and dangerous items if cremation chosen), items placed on the coffin, photographs displayed in the chapel and any form of symbolism or ritual you might prefer.

Would you like an address (eulogy) at the service about your life?

If YES, is the text enclosed

If NO, who will devise the eulogy?

Is there someone you would prefer to give the eulogy at the service?

If YES give their name(s)

If you are choosing cremation, where would you like your cremated remains placing? If you wish to use a grave in a churchyard or cemetery, details of that grave are required.

Cremated remains pose no threat to the environment and can be strewn in fresh or saltwater. If strewn on the land, perhaps at a favourite spot, subject to necessary permissions being sought.

If an urn or casket is required, do you require a specific type?
There are many to choose from; wood, glass, ceramic, biodegradable for earth or water burials.

If YES to the above question, what type? Examples can be found on the Bennetts Funeral Directors website

Do you require any form of memorial after cremation?

If YES please state type

If you wish to have your ashes buried in your parish church yard or local cemetery, are you using a new grave or an existing grave?
New graveExisting grave

If more than one, how many burials will occur in the grave? (one / two / three - please state)

Please name the other burials if you can

If it is to be a new grave, who will be the owner? (this is not applicable in Churchyards)

Making a child (over 18) or other survivor the grave owner will avoid the need to change the ownership after your death. If you have a partner, have the grave deeds in both names to ensure you both get buried together.

If you are getting buried in an existing grave

State Churchyard or cemetery

State the grave number

Where are the grave deeds located?

Is it a grave 'reserved' in advance, or pre-purchased (with no burials)?

If NO, give details of the last burial



Do you have a specific memorial in mind?

If yes, please give details of the memorial

Please ensure that your preferred memorial is permitted on the above grave

Have you chosen the content and format of the inscription?

If YES, is a copy enclosed in this document

If NO, it will be assumed you will leave this decision to the person who arranges the funeral. Bennetts Funeral Directors can offer advice and assistance with Masonry. Please visit our website for further information

Do you require a memorial service after your funeral?
This could be in church, or some sort of gathering, perhaps when the cremated remains are placed, or a tree planted.

If YES please give details

If you require a form of commemoration after your death, please give details

Is there any last wish, or words unsaid you wish to say now?

If YES state here or say where located

Have you left letters, instructions, etc. for reading after your death

If YES state location

And to whom addressed

Full name




I confirm the above is correct

I would like to find out how much my Funeral Wishes would cost at today's prices


Once submitted you will receive an email confirming your submission with login details and a link. Simply follow the link and login to the Bennetts site to view your saved and complete form - you may print a copy from here if you wish. Thank you.

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