Points to consider when choosing a Funeral Directors in Havering

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Possibly one of the most ignored major life events that we would rather not encounter, you will not be surprised to know that choosing a Funeral Directors is not high on many peoples agendas.

So when is the the best time to find the right funeral home for you or a loved? Well we would always advise that this would be when you don’t need it. Then you will not be under pressure to do so when someone has passed away and there are suddenly many other stressful and upsetting decisions to make.

So what should you be considering when selecting a funeral directors in Havering?

1. Codes of Practice

We believe that an important factor is that your Funeral Director is a member of either the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) or the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF). These governing bodies have strict codes of practice which their members have to adhere to, as well as this, in the unlikely event of you having to make a complaint, these associations will support you.

2. Can they cater for your specific wishes?

If you require specific funeral wishes to be carried out, we would advise you to check that the funeral director is happy to meet those requirements and that they will ensure that they are fulfilled to the letter.

3. Transparency of Havering funeral directors costs.

Funeral Directors are required to make available a price list of all products and services they offer. Ask for a copy and compare with other funeral directors in Havering. Are there more cost effective funeral packages available?

4. Continuity of Care.

At a time when you need stability and reassurance that things will be ok, continuity of care is more important than ever. The best funeral directors will always offer this level of service as standard and you should expect no less. The first person you see when arranging a funeral is also the last person you should see and that person should be there for you from beginning to end.

5. Changing your mind is not a problem.

Even if you get to the point where a loved one has passed away and the wheels are in motion, if you suddenly have misgivings and are not happy with your choice of funeral director, it’s not to late to change your mind. A few phone calls can sort things out with the minimum of fuss and your preferred funeral director can take over from that point onwards.

Since a good funeral director will unburden you of a lot of the stress associated with making funeral arrangements, which, should allow you more time to adjust to your loss and tend to your loved one’s estate, you can see why it’s important that you pick the right one.

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