Funeral Directors in Chelmsford keeping tradition with the Horse Drawn Hearse

Funerals have been a part of life for hundred of years and over those years changes have taken place in the way that funerals are carried out. But some traditions, such as the popularity of the horse drawn hearse have held fast. Dating all the way back to the 17th century the hearse was originally used for transportation however, it eventually evolved into becoming an icon for funerals.

The must have vehicle for Funerals Directors in Chelmsford

In the 1800’s no Funeral Directors in Chelmsford would have been worth it salt without a glass sided hearse, these were particularly popular many years ago as people were always anxious to view the coffin and no Victorian funeral would have been complete without a pair of horses adorned with black plumes pulling the black hearse carriage through the streets. However, with the hire cost of these vehicles in 1887 being £100 this was an amount that not many could afford (a working mans annual salary was about £20) so a handcart or bier-cart carried by 2-4 men was the most common form of transport for a coffin and cost a far more affordable £5.

More plumes equalled more money!

In the 1800’s a horse drawn hearse decked out with ostrich plumes said a lot about a persons wealth

  • Unfortunately, if you were poor then you did not deserve plumes at all
  • If you sported 2 plumes however, this meant that the deceased was of modest means
  • Being fairly well off got you 3-4 plumes
  • 5-6 plumes signalled you as wealthy
  • If you were truly rich then 7 plumes would certainly let everyone know!

Bennett’s Funeral Directors for Chelmsford offer a fabulous selection of traditional funeral vehicles and alternative and unique funeral transport, like our much sought after 4X4 Land Rover Defender. However, we think most people would agree that our stunning horse drawn hearse is one of the most breathtaking sights to behold!

Funeral Directors in Chelmsford keeping with tradition

Re-introduced in the 1980’s, Bennett’s horse drawn hearse and carriage service is a popular choice for many of our families when planning a funeral in Chelmsford. Our beautiful horse drawn carriage is an original Landau built in Scotland in 1860. Restored to its former glory and in pristine condition, when coupled with our beautiful Dutch Friesian Horses, it creates a simply stunning end result. Complete with plumes the overall effect is guaranteed to stop traffic and provide a good ‘send-off’.

Bennett’s Funeral directors for Chelmsford are proud to offer all types of funeral service and our expertise and professionalism, when arranging unique and traditional funerals is unmatched. So If you would like to know more about our horse drawn hearse service or any of our beautiful classic and modern vehicles for a Chelmsford funeral service then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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