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Environmentally friendly funeral services in Essex

These days, being environmentally conscious is something that is becoming evermore important in all aspects of our society. From encouraging green lifestyle choices such as composting and recycling, to using biodegradable cleaning products, taking care of Mother Earth is something we all should be considerate of.

Essex funeral services are going green

This is very much the case for Essex funeral director’s as well. Indeed, eco-friendly and green burial funeral service trends have become increasingly popular in the Essex county. In particular we seem to be more environmentally aware of the methods of body disposition. An example of this would be the rise in demand for cardboard and EcoPod coffins which are biodegradable and suitable for both burial, cremation and woodland funeral services in Essex.

The EcoPod coffins that Bennett Funeral Services supply, are made by hand from recycled newspapers and hand finished with paper made from 100% mulberry pulp. We also stock a fine selection of wicker and willow coffins.

To put it simply, for an Essex funeral service to be considered eco-friendly, it must meet the following criteria:

  • No cremation.
  • No embalming involved.
  • Coffin should be made from bio-degradable materials such as recycled paper, cardboard, wicker, willow, banana leaf or bamboo.
  • Shroud should also be made of bio-degradable materials such as cotton.
  • The burial plot should not impact the environment.
  • The burial site should not be personalised and if possible, should serve a purposes to nature.

If you are considering an eco-friendly funeral service in Essex, we can can offer advice on green funerals, eco-friendly coffins and woodland burials.

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