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Eco friendly funerals Chelmsford – the shape of things to come?

Green Funerals in Chelmsford are rising in popularity

In 2016, there were 597,211 deaths in the UK and this year to date; there have been 38 million deaths worldwide, and counting.

And with that statistic in mind, it has become apparent that with the number of funeral services taking place each year, this will almost certainly be damaging our environment and with global warming and the destruction of natural habitats becoming a wider issue in our society, more and more people are opting for eco-friendly or green alternatives.

So what do green or eco funerals in Chelmsford consist of?

Although there are many different types of burials and burial site’s available, green funerals and green burial sites tend to look more like natural parks, woodland or conservation areas. Metal caskets and embalming are not permitted and the preference is for natural, biodegradable burial containers. A simple wooden casket, linen shroud, or organic cardboard caskets would be used. Some green burial sites plant trees as opposed to using grave markers and headstones making the whole process a much more natural form of burial.

Is cremation considered a green way to go?
Surprisingly, cremation is also viewed as a much more eco-friendly method than a standard burial even though cremations require huge amounts of natural gas and electricity. So, opting to be cremated is on the increase as many families are choosing a simple cremation and then scattering the ashes, as a more organic return to nature. This must surely reflect one of the biggest changing trends in funeral culture within Chelmsford.

Is funeral cost a factor?
For some people, yes of course funeral costs will be a factor in the choice of funeral that is chosen. Cremation and green burials can be a more cost effective way to hold a funeral, depending on choices made at the time of planning.

The idea of opting for a green funeral or a cremation may be an environmental, cost or nostalgic choice. But whatever the reason, it is likely that we will see more and more green funerals in Chelmsford being conducted.

Bennett’s Funeral Director’s for funerals in Chelmsford offer a full free funeral advisory service given to traditional, woodland burial and cremations or any other if required. If you need a friendly voice to help you through a difficult time, and guide you through this process then make Bennett’s your first call… we are here to help.

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