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Death Happens – Plan For It, article by Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert

Have the ‘unpleasant issues’ chat

Some things aren’t best avoided. Hopefully you’ve still got decades of fit body and mind ahead, but there’s a chance you might not.

The mental incapacity or death of a loved one’s hard enough to deal with, but often the financial complications can add a huge unnecessary blow to the pain of it all.

Whether it’s you who wants to avoid the subject, or your loved ones who’d rather not face it, it’s certainly not something you should put off.

Difficult as it is, it’s better to deal with it head on than face the consequences of having not considered it.

One solution is to simply have a day when you discuss with your partner and/or dependants what you want, and how things should be organised. Doing it in one go makes it easier – it shouldn’t be morbid – and it’s best to be open and practical. Funeral Planning sites including Bennetts Funerals offer a Wish List Service, this document can be used in conjuction with a Will to give added information.

Plan your funeral

When a loved one dies, having to make funeral decisions with no guidance – which music, did they want flowers, where to scatter ashes – can be harrowing at an already painful time. Yet making a few quick decisions on your own funeral now can be a real help to your relatives after your death, and it needn’t be drawn out.

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Things to discuss include whether you’d rather be buried, cremated, or even have a ‘green’ funeral, as well as any music, flowers, religious rites and readings.

Discussing this in haste at death’s door adds extra distress, so make your wishes known while you’re well if you can.

  • Note down your wishes for the ceremony. Bennetts Funeral Directors of Brentwood & Billericay has a ‘Wish List’ that lets you note down details of your funeral wishes to help others, and can be downloaded, printed or sent through for secure filing.
  • It can be MoneySaving. While you may love the idea of a no-expense-spared film star funeral, going for simple, cheaper options (eg, cremation rather than burial, flower-free ceremony, eco-friendly funeral etc) will help keep costs down.
  • Ask for flowers to be donated. If you do have bunches of flowers at your funeral, you may want to ask for them to be donated afterwards to a nearby organisation, such as a local hospice, for others to enjoy.
  • Don’t go it alone. Planning a funeral can be a lot to bear, so ask for help. Friends and relatives can give vital support, and if you’d like a religious ceremony, your local chaplain, rabbi, imam or priest will be able to give guidance on any rites needed.  Bennetts Funeral Directors of Brentwood & Billericay are available for any advice if required.

Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert Website for further information

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