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Local Funeral directors choice for Coffins, Caskets or Cremation Urns

Coffin or casket choice can be one of the hardest aspects of funeral planning. From solid wood coffins to bespoke picture coffins, Bennetts your local funeral directors can help.

For some families choosing a coffin or casket is the most difficult, and emotional element associated with planning the funeral arrangements. Remember, this is a natural part of the grieving process, and Bennetts, your local Funeral Directors & Undertakers have been advising our Essex families sensitively and professionally for many years, and are here to help you through this difficult time.

Your choice of coffin, casket or cremation urn, may be influenced by one or more of the following factors:

  • The coffin type that you believe reflects the personality or wishes of the person whose funeral it is, perhaps a solid wood coffin would be suited to him if he was a strong outdoor type, perhaps a bespoke picture coffin in pink, if that was her favourite colour.
  • Think of the morals of the deceased, if the environment was an important issue in their life, then an environmentally green, willow, wicker or bamboo coffin might be appropriate, even cardboard coffins are popular these days.  Perhaps even a coffin that was produced in the UK.
  • What aesthetically you like the look of, and the quality of the coffin or cremation casket, perhaps a solid wood coffin or veneer wood coffin.
  • Evaluate your budget. It may seem crass to take finances into account at a time like this. The truth of the matter is…your loved one has passed away. He will never be there to enjoy your choice of coffin. While you want to honour him with your selection and don’t want to be stingy, never go into debt or put a financial burden on yourself to pay for a coffin.
  • Consider other arrangements. If you plan on flanking the casket with a lot of flowers, a grandiose coffin may be altogether too much. If you plan on having an open-casket funeral, you don’t want something that looks inappropriate to who the deceased was and/or what sorts of clothes she will likely be viewed in.

Bennetts the local Funeral Directors and undertakers for Essex have many years of experience with this part of arranging a funeral, you can visit us at our Coffin Showroom Essex or alternatively choose from our brochure. Bennetts Undertakers and Funeral Directors, will always try our utmost to accommodate every request no matter how unusual.

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