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Choosing a Coffin, Casket or Cremation Urn

Bennetts of Essex have a wide range of solid wood coffins, veneer caskets, wicker coffins, cremations urns and picture coffins for arranging a funeral.

You may be considering your own funeral arrangements for the future, or perhaps trying to choose a coffin, casket or cremation urn for a deceased loved one. Our experienced team of undertakers, at Bennett’s Funeral Directors of Essex have many years working with grieving families who need support at a difficult time in their lives and we are here to help. Our extensive range of solid wood coffins, veneer caskets, wicker coffins, cremations urns and picture coffins are suitable for all funeral arrangements and we can guide you through this process gently, ensuring that you are able to make the right choice for you or your loved one.

Solid Oak Coffins, Cremation Urns and Wicker Coffins Essex…

When choosing a coffin, casket or cremation urn you may want to consider some of the following points:

  • Whether you have a specific budget in mind – At Bennett’s Funerals, the individual price of each of our coffins, caskets or cremation urns will always be discussed when making a decision.
  • Whether or not the deceased is to be buried or cremated and had they left any wishes.
  • Think about the personality or wishes of the person whose funeral it is, perhaps they had a hobby or passion that you could incorporate within your choice of coffin, casket or cremation urn.
  • Whether you have any strong ethical requirements, particularly around the green credentials of the coffin or casket.
  • Which coffin, casket or cremation urn aesthetically you prefer.

Solid Oak Coffins & Solid Wood Caskets

We have a wide range of traditional solid oak coffins and solid wood caskets available for you to choose from and our solid oak coffins incorporate many styles and features, from simple solid wood coffins, to those that are more elaborate. When choosing a solid wood coffin from our range, we would add that all our solid wood coffins and oak caskets are made with timber from sustainable forests.

Wood Veneer Coffins

Our beautiful selection of oak veneer coffins and wood veneer caskets are both popular, affordable and made with timber from sustainable forests. We are able to offer beautiful wood veneer coffins for both burial and cremation, with Elm and Sapele veneer caskets and coffins also available. Relatively inexpensive, our oak veneer coffins are an excellent and very popular choice.

Wicker Coffins Essex and Willow Coffins Essex

Bennett’s Funeral Directors elegant handcrafted willow coffins are becoming an ever more popular choice, a wonderful alternative to the more traditional solid wood coffins and oak veneer caskets, our Essex wicker coffins are hand crafted by skilled basket makers using traditional and sustainable methods. Strongly made and with great aesthetic appeal, these biodegradable coffins are suitable for burial, cremation, woodland funerals and green burial sites. With a wide and varied choice of wicker coffin shapes, colours and willow coffin finishing details available, we are also pleased to be able to offer our customers bamboo coffins.

Bespoke Picture Coffins and Image Coffins

Extremely popular, Bespoke Picture Coffins and Image Coffins are an amazing way to have a truly personalised coffin. Be assured that when you choose a picture coffin you will not be compromising on quality or style. Bespoke picture coffins, sometimes referred to as image coffins, are both strong and sturdy and provide an environmentally friendly coffin suitable for all funeral types. Bespoke picture coffin designs enable you to add a personal touch by selecting an image of your choosing which we can apply to the coffin, allowing the personality of your loved one to shine through the proceedings.

Cardboard Coffins & EcoPod Coffins Essex

If a green funeral is something that would have been important to your loved one, then cardboard coffins are another type of biodegradable coffin that you can choose from within our extensive range of green coffins. These cardboard coffins are suitable for both burial, cremation and woodland funerals Essex. Our EcoPod coffins are made by hand from recycled newspapers and hand finished with paper made from 100% mulberry pulp guaranteeing a beautiful and environmentally friendly coffin for your loved ones funeral.

Cremation Urns and Solid Oak Cremation Caskets

Our elegant single and double solid oak cremation caskets are handcrafted with great attention to detail and our solid mahogany cremation urns and walnut cremation caskets reflect the natural beauty of the hard wood. We also have an exquisite selection of ceramic cremation urns & glass cremation caskets and metal cremation urns providing an everlasting, portable memorial to your loved one.

Innovative and Colourful Scatter Tubes for Cremation Ashes

Both practical and affordable, our scatter tubes for cremation ashes allow you to scatter your loved ones ashes during a dignified ceremony. A heavy cardboard tube with perforated cap allows controlled dispersal of cremation ashes and you can personalise the cremation scatter tube with a design of your choosing if you wish. Alternatively there are an infinite range of creative scatter tube wrappings available.
Scatter tubes offer a low cost contemporary option to cremation urns.

Coffins, Caskets and Cremation Urns – Celebrate the life of your loved one with dignity and style

Bennetts Undertakers Essex will always try to accommodate every request, no matter how unusual. We are proud to be able to cater for military funerals and our contacts with the Essex Regimental Museum offer support and guidance on this.

Bennetts Funeral Directors Essex have an extensive range of traditional solid wood coffins, veneer caskets, wicker coffins, cremations urns and picture coffins available to you when arranging a funeral. Our care and commitment to our customers is second to none and we welcome you to view our brochure of coffins and caskets or make an appointment to view in person so you can feel reassured that you have made the right decision for your loved one.

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