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How Bennetts Funeral Directors supported baby loss awareness week – 9th to 15th October

Bereavement Support Group for parents grieving the loss of a child.

Baby loss Awareness week offers a special opportunity to honour the short but very important lives of babies lost in pregnancy or soon after birth. It takes place yearly, and this year it took place during the week of 9th to 15th October. Throughout the week bereaved parents, their families and friends, unite with each other and others across the world to commemorate the lives of babies who died during pregnancy, or soon after birth and in infancy.

To mark this very special week, Bennett’s Essex Funeral Directors hosted a memorial service “Time To Remember” on Sunday 13th October at St Peter’s Church in Brentwood. Also on that evening, to honour the occasion, the ruins of the Old Chapel of St Thomas a Becket were lit up creating a very striking and moving sight.

baby loss awareness

The loss of a baby

When a baby lives only a short time or dies before birth due to miscarriage, stillbirth or a painful decision to end the pregnancy, people may assume that the loss is not important. This is simply not the case. The intensity of love parents feel for their baby is not measured by how long the baby lived, but in the emotional investment, they have in their child. For parents expecting to welcome a new life, instead facing the reality that their baby has not lived can be immensely difficult.

The loss of a child

Equally, the loss of a child, whether they be 3 or 33 can be one of the most traumatic kinds of bereavement. There is no age or point in time that makes it any easier. No parent expects to face the death of their child and no grandparent expects to lose their grandchild. The longing for the child and the feeling of emptiness can last a lifetime.

baby bereavement support

Bereavement and Grief

Everyone is different in what they need and there are no rules on how to grieve. You may have lots of support around you, but even so, you may feel you need additional support. Understanding how you, and others around you, are grieving may help in finding ways to manage grief alongside managing daily life.

“Our Grieving Hearts” Bereavement Support Group for bereaved parents

Specifically for parents who have lost a child, the “Our Grieving Hearts” grief support group was formed in 2011. It gives all those attending the opportunity to meet with other parents who have experienced the heartbreaking and devastating trauma of losing a child of any age.

This immensely important bereavement support group for bereaved parents offers:

  • Meeting with other parents who share the same bond and can relate to how you feel.
  • The opportunity, through talking, to try and make sense of what has happened.
  • Coping skills to help deal with the often irrational feelings of guilt.
  • The understanding that there is no set time or right or wrong way to deal with how you grieve.
  • The opportunity to talk to someone on a one to one basis.
  • A chance to begin the healing process through sharing stories memories and feelings.

If you would like to know more, this caring group, based in Brentwood, Essex usually meets every first Monday of the month between 7.00pm and 9.00pm. Contact Bridget on 01277 210104 or 07894 698288 or email

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