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Arranging Woodland Burials and Funerals in Essex

Bennett’s Funeral Directors and Undertaker Services in Essex answer your questions on arranging and planning a green woodland funeral or woodland burial.

Because green woodland funerals and woodland burials are sometimes still thought of as a relatively new idea, Bennett’s Funeral Directors of Essex are often asked questions relating to the planning and arranging of a woodland burial or funeral. Please read on, as today we hope to answer a few of the most asked questions we have received in the past from some of our Essex families.

What is a woodland burial ground?

Woodland funerals and woodland burial grounds are natural settings offering beautiful, tranquil resting places.  The planting of a natural memorial at green burial sites, such as a tree and the placing of a simple wooden or bronze plaque instead of a traditional headstone, represents a natural burial and return to nature.

How do I arrange a woodland funeral at a green burial ground?

Arranging a funeral at one of our woodland green burial grounds is exactly the same as organising any other type of funeral. Bennetts Funeral Directors and Undertaker Services will arrange a suitable time to visit you and discuss all aspects of arranging a woodland funeral. We will guide and support you throughout, taking care of all of the funeral arrangements on your behalf.

Why are woodland funerals and woodland burials becoming more popular?

Here are some of the more important elements contained within a woodland or green funeral which have made this type of ceremony become more widespread:

  • Opting for burial in a site serving a conservation purpose
  • Creates an environment which is not visually definable as a burial ground
  • Requires a coffin or shroud made from natural, sustainable materials,e.g. wicker or cardboard coffin
  • No marking or personalising of the grave with any sort of permanent memorial, although memorial plaques and small stones can sometimes be allowed
  • Does not always require tending of the grave

Can I have music at a woodland burial?

We believe that every funeral held at the woodland burial grounds that we use, should be unique to the individual. There are many different ways a funeral can celebrate the individuality of the person who has died and we can assist you with all aspects of funeral arrangement, including funeral transport for the day of the funeral, music, flowers, catering and any special wishes you may have for the funeral service.

Can I have a religious woodland funeral service at a green burial ground?

Of course, our Funeral Directors have experience in arranging funerals across all religions and cultures, including traditional and humanist services. All personal beliefs, faiths or cultures can be easily accommodated. We can also organise for individual burial or ashes plots to be blessed if you wish.

Can a funeral service be held within the woodland grounds?

Yes, funeral services can be held within the woodland burial grounds.
Both of the woodland burial grounds we use have their own unique and tranquil settings specially designed to provide an intimate and peaceful place in which to hold a woodland funeral service for a loved one. With views across the surrounding countryside, both Greenacres Woodland Burials close to Epping Forest and Herongate Wood which is just outside Brentwood in Essex, offer relaxed and informal venues for families to meet before the funeral service and spend time afterwards.
In the spring and summer, many families also choose to hold outdoor services at the plot-side.

Do you offer a range of coffins for a woodland funeral or green burial?

Yes, we offer a wide range of high quality coffins that have been chosen to minimise the effect on the natural environment of the woodland burial grounds. All of our coffins and ashes caskets are made from bio-degradable materials such as wood, willow, bamboo and cardboard. We also offer unique picture coffins and caskets which can be tailor-made and designed to your wishes. Available in a number of styles and designs you can choose a coffin which is completely unique to your loved one.

Do I have to live locally to arrange a woodland burial?

You don’t have to live within the local area to rest in peace at one of our woodland burial grounds; Bennetts Funeral Directors and Undertaker Services, your local funeral director in Essex can help you with all aspects of arranging a woodland funeral – no matter where you live.

For help and advice on all woodland burial and woodland funeral issues please call Bennetts Undertakers on 01277 210104, we are here to help.

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